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Collected articles about Lake County wines and growers.

The Producers Behind California’s Volcanic Wines

By Jim Gordon. Originally published on the Wine Enthusiast website and ©Wine Enthusiast Magazine. View a PDF version.

Lake, Mount Konocti, dramatic sky. Photo from Wine EnthusiastOn the heels of numerous destructive wildfires in recent years, it’s understandable that the specter of volcanic eruption might not top the list of concerns for California’s Lake County winemakers.

The region’s producers shrugged off a recent United States Geological Survey assessment that they work in and around an active volcanic field rated as a “high threat” to the local community...read more


The Rise of the Red Hills of Lake County

by Esther Mobley originally published in The San Francisco Chronicle, June 1, 2018

Arpad Molnar, Peter Molnar, and Michael Terrien at Obsidian Ridge Vineyard.  Photo by Santiago Mejia"Why the rush on the Red Hills? To find the answer, look south.

Just north of the Napa County border, the Red Hills AVA shares many of that more famous region’s crucial characteristics, not least of which is the Mayacamas mountain range, running uninterrupted from the city of Napa through Obsidian Ridge and beyond. Yes, the Red Hills are higher in elevation, less humid and warmer than most parts of Napa, but in a literal sense they are a continuation of Napa’s western hillsides."... read more


Slicing and Dicing Sauvignon Blanc Wines

by Jim Gordon originally published in Wines and Vines

Panel of speakers during Sauvignon Blanc Experience.  Photo by Jim GordonLake County, Calif., hosts an information-rich symposium on a hot-selling varietal

About 120 winemakers, grape growers and trade members in the symposium audience took home numerous insights from a series of five presentations accompanied by tastings that sliced and diced the variety and varietal’s diversity....  Traditionally grown in the Loire Valley and Bordeaux regions of France, Sauvignon is now a fast-growing varietal category in the U.S. market, spurred by the popularity of New Zealand versions... read more



Lake County: Home of California’s next great Cabernet?

By Bryce Wiatrak

Arpad and Peter Molnar at Obsidian Ridge VineyardIn the seventeenth century in southwestern France, an accidental breeding occurred between a red Cabernet Franc grape plant and a white Sauvignon Blanc grape plant and thus was born the most popular grape among American wine drinkers: Cabernet Sauvignon... read more