Innovative Winemakers Create Intense, Well-Balanced Wines

Lake County’s winemakers include seasoned veterans as well as up and coming young winemakers.  Passionate about their craft and enamored with the quality of the fruit and the land on which it grows, Lake County winemakers create intense wines with character.  Meet the people who are pushing the region with award-winning wines.  Read their stories and their thoughts on the region and some of the interesting varietals that are grown here.

Jed Steele of Steele WinesJed Steele Golden Anniversary

In 1968, Jed Steele got introduced to winemaking. He has been at it ever since. Over the past 50 years no California winemaker may have introduced more consumers to more variations of fine wine than Jed Steele.



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Joy Merrilees, Director of Winemaking, Shannon Ridge Family of Wines

Sandy Robertson, Six Sigma Ranch

Matt Hughes, Director of Winemaking, Brassfield Estates

Eric Stine, Vice President, Winemaking, Foley Family Wines

Greg Graham, Winemaker and Owner, Gregory Graham Wines

Mark Burch, Consulting  Winemaker

Derek Holstein, Winemaker, Cache Creek Vineyards

Tracey Hawkins, Founding Partner, Vintner, Hawk and Horse Vineyards

Walter Jorge, Winemaker, Langtry Estate

Dave Rosenthal, Winemaker, R Vineyards