Giving Back to the Community - Six Sigma Opens Property for Bike Race

Group of mountain bikers race at Six Sigma RanchBy Tami Cramer
Lake County Record Bee

Six Sigma opened up their property for the three local high school mountain bike teams (Clear Lake, Kelseyville, and Middletown High Schools) to ride on after the Valley Fire consumed much of the Boggs Demonstration Forest on Cobb in 2016. Boggs was the central riding area for the teams and also the location each year for a NorCal race before the fire.

Group of mountain bikers race at Six Sigma RanchThis is the second year that the winery has hosted the event. In the spring of 2016, the coaches of the local teams pitched the idea of hosting a race to the winery owners, and they were super enthusiastic about it. Coaches and riders from the three local teams; along with the assistance of the league and volunteers from the community and other NorCal Cycling teams, designed and hand built the 5-mile long race course finishing just in time to host the first race last spring.

As part of the North Conference (bay area and north), all the local teams will be racing on Saturday. The Southern Conference (South Bay to Monterey area) race on Sunday. Races begin with the girls at 9 a.m., Freshman and Sophomore boys at 10:40 and JV/Varsity boys at 12:20.

Each lap is just under 5 miles with around 450 feet of climbing. Riders will race between 2 — 4 laps depending on their category.

All races are open and free for the public to come and watch. With 900+ riders slated to race over the course of the weekend, it is quite an impressive event to see. Volunteers are always needed.

For more information on viewing and volunteering, visit

Tami Cramer is the coach for the Clear Lake High School and Kelseyville High School mountain biking teams.