Master Vigneron

Master Vigneron Academy® and the Credential of Master VigneronCM

“A vigneron is someone who husbands the vineyard for winemaking. In modern practice, what that means is that it is the person that directs the crews that gets the job done.”

Winegrowers understand that vineyards are at the heart of producing world-class wines and that highly skilled vineyard supervisors are the key to bringing out the best in their vineyards. In 2012, the Lake County Winegrape Commission established the Master Vigneron Academy® to:

  • Cultivate a professional workforce of highly skilled and knowledgeable supervisors, and;
  • Institute an industry-wide standard by which a supervisor’s knowledge and achievement are formally recognized and rewarded through completion of an accredited training program leading to a certificate.

The Master Vigneron Academy (MVA) is a professional workforce development program designed specifically for experienced vineyard supervisors and foremen. This year-long program is largely taught in Spanish, making it accessible and valuable to a majority of vineyard workers.

Classes are held one day each month from January through August, with a break during harvest, and resume in November with a two-day interactive seminar on Agricultural Labor Management, and conclude with a graduation celebration.

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Master Vigneron Class standing in front of lake