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For decades, Lake County winegrape growers have been at the forefront of sustainable winegrowing efforts.  Vineyards are at the heart of producing world-class wines. Lake County winegrapes lend themselves perfectly to quality programs, and they provide a great value to North Coast wineries. But ultimately it comes down to the people. Owners, managers, foremen, and experienced vineyard workers are key to bringing out the best of our vineyards.

Lake County winegrape growers combine the latest technologies with traditional viticultural practices, emphasizing long-term sustainability for the environment and the region.

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Protecting Groundwater - Irrigated Lands Program

Grower Spotlight - Bartolucci Vineyards

Sustainability is Key to the Future for Bartolucci Vineyards

Deanna and Ron Bartolucci The Bartolucci family has been growing winegrapes in California since 1921. It was then that Andrea Bartolucci, who had emigrated from Italy only a few years before, purchased his first vineyard. Since then, a passion for the land and for winegrape growing has been passed down from generation to generation.

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Grower Spotlight-Hawk and Horse Vineyards

California Certified Organic (CCOF) and Demeter Biodynamic

Mitch and Tracey Hawkins holding bottle of wineMitch and Tracey Hawkins and the Boies Family are the proprietors of Hawk and Horse Vineyards. Its mountain vineyards are situated at elevations up to 2,200 feet in Lake County. Hawk and Horse Vineyards is also home to cattle, competitive rodeo horses, and an enormous range of wildlife, from red-tailed hawks and owls to bear, wild boar, bobcats, mountain lions. The ranch has a plaque documenting the historical location of El Roble Grande, the largest Valley Oak ever recorded in California.

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