Dessert & Sparkling

Tracey and Mitch Hawkins with cowsIn the 1980s, when our family sought land for a future vineyard, we focused on California's North Coast wine growing region. We looked for specific attributes for growing wines of quality: soil profile, elevation, and on-site water just to name a few. In terms of county lines, our approach was broader. Without respect to commercial perceptions, and pre-conceived notions, we took a more scientific approach to finding just the right vineyard site - the Mayacama mountain range does not care about man-made lines on a map. This is how we ended up in Lake County.

Situated in the Red Hills AVA atop the Mayacama Mountain Range, our vineyards top out at 2,200 feet above sea level. High elevation, volcanic soils, and on-site spring water, combine to provide exquisite growing conditions for the Bordeaux varietals in which we specialize.


Pushing that site to the limit, we were determined to expand our portfolio into "port," or, in our case, "Latigo." Latigo is a fortified, late-harvest Cabernet Sauvignon-based wine. Growing conditions in Lake County's Red Hills AVA are such that we can let our fruit for the Latigo hang until very late in the season, harvesting at close to 30-degrees brix.

Fortification stops fermentation, leaving a delicious residual sugar and increasing alcohol for balance. Cooperage in French oak for up to 30-months imparts complexity and concentrates the flavor, creating a wine of elegance, deeply scented and intoxicatingly subtle. Organic and biodynamic farming protocols ensure that what you enjoy in every glass of Hawk and Horse Vineyards wine exhibits our passion for this place and is a true expression of all the elements that drew us to this amazing landscape.

Hawk and Horse Vineyards is not alone in recognizing all that Lake County has to offer. With a diverse topography, from volcanic mountains to marshy lowlands, Lake County has proven a unique ability to produce dessert wines, sparkling wine, late harvest wine and blends that stand shoulder to shoulder with wines throughout the new world and old.

Wineries such as Cache Creek Vineyards; Fults Family Vineyards; Mt Konocti Winery; Six Sigma Winery; Steele Wines; Thorn Hill Vineyards all produce sparkling wine of distinction.
Cache Creek Vineyards; Chacewater Winery; Fore Family Vineyards; Gregory Graham; KAZ Winery; Langtry -Guenoc; Laujor Estate; Moore Family; Mt Konocti Winery; Six Sigma; Steele Wines; Thorn Hill Vineyards; Wildhurst; all produce late-harvest or dessert wines of note.

From Tracey Hawkins, Founding Partner, Vintner, Hawk and Horse Vineyards