Major Varietals

Lake County Tempranillo

Tempranillo at Six Sigma Ranch

Notes from Winemaker Sandy Robertson

Sandy Robertson of Six Sigma RanchTempranillo loves warm days with cool nights. That diurnal swing, the difference in day and night temperature, ripens the grapes while maintaining acidity. This is imperative for good Tempranillo, which will grow in many wine regions, but only excel in very few. The conditions here in Lake County are similar to the greatest wine regions of Spain where Tempranillo is native. For that reason, we tested 2 acres to start.  Wine Enthusiast Magazine wrote of our inaugural 2005 vintage that it was the greatest Tempranillo ever from California. So we knew we had something.

The grape is easy to grow in our region, and all we have to do is not mess it up!

All About Tempranillo Wine in Just About Two Minutes

You’re getting into red wine. You’re craving something different. Something savory. Enter Tempranillo, Spain’s #1 wine grape. With the structure of Cabernet Sauvignon and meaty nature of Carignan, Tempranillo is an experience to behold.... read more