Major Varietals

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc grapes being poured into crusher

Taken from the French Sauvage Blanc “Wild white”

Sauvignon Blanc is the signature varietal for Lake County.  With moderate pyrazines and purity of the fruit, Lake County Sauvignon Blanc lends itself to production with stainless steel or barrel fermentation and age. And a variety of styles — from round and soft to lean and sharp — showcases the range of Sauvignon Blanc aromas and flavors…zingy citrus, crisp apple, lush melon, tropical pineapple, dry minerality, green herbs, fresh-cut grass.





"The thing that set's Lake County Sauvignon Blanc apart is the combination of altitude and climatic influence Christopher Christensen of Bodkin Wines of the Lake. Warm days, cooler nights and the winds circulating over the lake framed by volcanic mountains really contribute to variety of styles of Sauvignon Blanc you can find in Lake County. From the ripe and expressive fruit from the vineyards around Lower Lake, to the textural fruit of the Kelsey Bench to the acid driven fruit from Upper Lake - Lake County really has it all."

                       Christopher Christensen

Winemaker & Head Honcho, Bodkin Wines - We Few Vintners


Lake County recently  hosted an international symposium on Sauvignon Blanc.  To  find out more, read Slicing and Dicing Sauvignon Blanc Wine.